Power Catwalk


Power Catwalk can realize the discharge of drilling tools from the surface to the drillingfloor, which can realize the discharge of drilling tools safely and efficiently, save labor, make the operation of the wellsite more safe, and greatly improve the working efficiency of the discharge of drilling tools.

Product Features:

1.Keep operators away from dangerous areas and avoid casualties.

2.The hydraulic system can be locked in any position, greatly improving safety.

3.Suitable for a variety of drilling tools, joints, efficient up and down the drilling floor.

4.A variety of operation modes, local manual control, wireless intelligent console control, remote control.

5.Reduce operating time for manual handling of drilling tools.

6.Centralized storage of drilling tools, short transfer time.

Technical Specification:

1. Model : DM4.5,DM6,,DM10.5

2. Maximum load: 800kg ~ 3000kg

3. Maximum lifting height: 4.5m, 6m, 10.5m

4. Maximum length of pipe rod: 10500mm

5. Maximum power of system: 22KW,37KW,75KW

6. System rated pressure: 25MPa

7.Transportation:skid-mounted or trailer-mounted

Power Catwalk.png