Common Failures of Rotary and handling Equipment


There are several common failures that occur on the handling equipments.

1.Damage type faults:

such as fracture, crack, pitting, ablative, deformation, strain, crack, indentation, etc.

2.Degenerate faults:

such as aging, deterioration, spalling, abnormal wear, etc.

3.Loose type failure:

such as loose, fall off.

4.Maladjustment fault:

such as too high or too low pressure, stroke maladjustment, clearance too large or too small, interference, etc.

5.Blockage and leakage faults:

blockage, water leakage, air leakage, oil leakage, etc.

6. Failure of performance or function:

failure of function, failure of performance, overheating, etc.