Successful development of the largest power drilling mud pump in China


China Ordnance Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the largest power 3nb-1600hp drilling mud pump in China. The product technology has reached the advanced level in China, and it has become the third domestic enterprise capable of producing such drilling mud pump. The mud pump has the advantages of high efficiency, uniform flow, small pressure fluctuation and convenient disassembly and assembly. It mainly supplies flushing fluid for oilfield engineering geological drilling. It can pump mud pump with sand content less than 5% or other liquid without corrosive effect on metal and rubber parts. It can also provide power for circulating drilling fluid and downhole power drilling tools. It is an indispensable and drilling rig in drilling engineering One of the key supporting equipment is called the "heart" of the drilling rig mud purification system. Because of its complex structure, difficult manufacturing process, high technology content and few manufacturing enterprises, the product has a broad application prospect in domestic and foreign markets.