A12V190PZL Diesel Engine
A12V190PZL Diesel Engine
A12V190PZL Diesel Engine
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3000 diesel engine is further integrated with the advanced technology and new structure based on our 6000 diesel engine. It has enhanced fuel properties and improved engine performance of international advanced level to fit various applications in small- and medium-scale captive power plant, drilling rig, mine locomotive, marine diesel engine, etc.

3000 diesel engine can satisfy the power requirements of the land mechanical or electric drilling engines with the drilling depth range of 4,000 to 7,000 meters. It can be installed on the same bedplate with the torque converter and coupling to serve as drilling engines or mud pump. A power plant can be established based on 3000 diesel engine integrated with single-bearing generator or double-bearing generator. Moreover, it can also supply as the power of fire-fighting pump and flood control pump. Compared with B3000 diesel engine, 3000 diesel engine has strong reliability and high level of automatic control for easy maintenance and operation, it can be a cost-effective choice for you.

Main Specification

No. of cylinders


Cylinder size

190 mm


215 mm

Rated power

1200 kW

Rated speed

1500 rpm


Diesel oil


73.15 L

Fuel consumption

≤205 g/kWh

oil consumption

≤1.0 g/kW∙h


11000 kg