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Drilling Jar


Drilling Jar

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Product description

The surface bumper jar is an effective tool for resolving the stuck problem by producing downward jarring impact to the stuck portion in down hole. It is Used to joint at the drilling platform. So the tool lias the advantages of powerful jarring force, reliable tonnage-adjusting and convenient utilization. It is especially effective f'or freeing key-scat and tight-hole tool.

Drilling Jar Type BZ is full mechanical type drilling jar and releasing stuck tool. The Drilling Jar integrates the upward jarring with the downward jarring so that it can release from the tight pull or the sticking etc. during drilling. The load (jarring force) scope of the upward jarring and the downward jarring is so wide that it can be adjusted in the maintenance station or in the well site according to the requirement. The special flexible joint can reduce the flexural stress of the drilling jar body efficiently. So it is the first selected drilling jar for vertical well, deep sell, directional well and complicated well operations.

CZ Type Super fishing Jars is a fishing tool which the jarring force is larger than other jar with same specification. It has compact structure, reliable performance, easy to adjust and easy to use, it is a new type upwards jarring tool use for petroleum and geological exploration and drilling operation.

Product Parameters

TypeO.D.(in)I.D(in)ConnectionOveral Length(inch)Max Pull(KN)
CZ17872 3/8NC50167   5/16800
DJ178-171 7/8NC501118 7/8750
72 1/4NC50165 3/8800